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Painting Your Home Diy Project

Colours in your home can make or break it, use the wrong colour scheme and you could end up in a home that feels dull and eerie, or on the opposite you could end up with a nice house all open and welcoming both to you and your family as well as possible house buyers coming into your home.First of all you will have to assess what is the purpose of painting, will you be trying to sell your home or are you staying living in your home, then you have to see what type of house you have, different colours have different effects on houses, would you put a vibrant yellow in a old house with oak wood beams, well you would if you want to ruin it, if you are in a old style house you most likely want it to be warm and inviting with shades of red but also incorporating white into it as well so not to make the room to dark.There are many different types of paints as well as colours, you can even get your own colour made up for you at good diy stores, so you can get exactly what you are looking for. All types of paints fall ...


The Proper Way to Paint Vinyl Siding

Copyright (c) 2012 Evans PaintingAs a professional painting contractor, one question that I am asked very often is can you paint vinyl siding. Yes you can paint vinyl siding but the secret to sucessfully painting vinyl siding as with any other surface is in the proper preperation.Prior to you begining to prep or painting vinyl siding you need to select your paint. Deciding what is the right kind of paint for vinyl siding is no different than for other types of surfaces. Vinyl siding expands and contracts greatly, which can lead to cracking and peeling. To prevent this from occuring, use a water-based urethane paint with high-grade acrylic resins, which have superior adhesive qualities.I recommend using a paint color that is similar to the paint color which is on your siding now. Darker colors are not a good idea because they absorb more heat. Since vinyl naturally absorbs heat, a darker paint color will make it harder for the paint to adhere properly.I always begin by cleaning the surface using a pressure was...


How To Paint Your Interior

Copyright (c) 2012 Evans PaintingThe most common reason a homeowner paints their interior is to freshen up the appearance of a room. A new coat of paint can give add new life to a drab room. To achieve a great finish you should take a some time to prepare the walls properly. Often times homeowners will try to cut corners in order to save money and time but by doing this, it can make your job more difficult and you may not like the results that you end up with. Here are a few tips which can make your next painting project go more smoothly and help you to acheive that beatiful finish.It is best to use a good brand of paint. You don't need to spend a lot of money on paint, but you should purchase a quality product. Check around with friends and neighbors and ask them what brand of paint they have used and have had success with in the past. There are many quality paints on the market today but just because one brand cost more than another does not always mean that its better.Once you have decided on the brand of ...


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